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Herbal remedies for your health

The great thing about herbal remedies is that they are 100% natural, and so much less likely to cause the side effects associated with modern drugs.

Moreover, a single herb will often not just relieve the ailment that you took it for, but also have a host of other benefits for your body. For example, you may take Angelica for a heavy cold, and soon realise that it helps your joints too!

Herbal remedies can help with all kinds of common ailments - here are a few things that they can do for you:

Why Herbal Remedies?

Why should you use a herbal remedy for your ailment? There are huge numbers of over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions that will do just the same thing, so why not use those?

The answer of course is that those drugs are manufactured chemicals. That means side effects - headaches, drowsiness, stomach cramps - all the unwanted results of putting something alien into your body.

One of the features of modern life is the increasing toxicity that we are subjected too. From the fast food we eat, to the pollution that clogs up our lungs, to the drugs that we put into our bodies. The popularity of herbs is a reaction, and a balance, to this toxicity.

Herbal remedies are one way to reverse the tide of chemicals and pollutants that sometimes threatens to wash over us. A herbal remdy is 100% natural, often found in nature but sometimes organically cultivated too.

These herbal remedies have, in many cases, been tried and tested for thousands of years. In fact, you could say they've been tested more than any FDA-certified drug on the market!

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