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Here is a selection of herbs that have antibiotic properties. Each one comes with a brief description - click on 'More..' for more information about the medical uses, other uses and dosage.

It goes without saying that you should talk to your doctor about any serious illness, however these herbs do have mild antibiotic properties that can help your body against minor illnesses.


Echinacea is the herb that keeps you from getting ill. That's the received wisdom, and there's actually a lot of truth to it.

Echinacea features in many of those immune boosters and daily supplements that fill the shelves of your local pharmacy during cold season, so its very important for us all to understand how it really works.
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Garlic really is a multipurpose herb - it acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antifungal treatment.

By lowering cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and boosting the immune system, garlic also helps to build up your body and restore its defenses against both age and disease.
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Goldenseal was originally used by Native Americans for skin disorders, digestive complaints and even as a cancer remedy. In more modern times, Goldenseal has gained in popularity and has been used for wound healing and many types of infection, as well as a powerful anti-fungal agent.
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