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Sometimes diet and exercise can only take you so far and you need an extra weight loss boost. Your next step might be diet pills but many of those are untested and unregulated, so why not try herbal remedies?

These herbs have been used for hundreds of years and have passed the test of time.

Here is a selection of remedies that can help you to diet and lose weight. Each one comes with a brief description - click on 'More..' for more information about the medical uses, other uses and dosage.

Aloe Vera

In Korea, Aloe is widely used in a popular set of energy drinks and tea, marketed for its benefit as an antioxidant and for relief of constipation. Drinkers also report higher energy levels and greater stamina in workouts.
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Chinese Ephedra

Ephedra is a controversial herb in the US, where it was marketed in many diet pills until recently. Suspicions that it may have caused high blood pressure and heart problems in certain patients saw it taken off the market in 2005. In small doses however, Ephedra is a useful ingredient in many herbal remedies.

Ephedra is only available in the US in other forms now – as an asthma, cold or allergy remedy. It is also available in traditional Chinese remedies, mainly focusing on lung problems and flu. Despite this, it remains hugely popular around the world and is cultivated on a large scale in China for both domestic use and export markets.
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Green Tea

High in antioxidants and a great weight loss tool, Green Tea is a must-have for any health-conscious dieter. Just drink two or three cups between meals during the day, and watch the weight fall off!
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