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Ever been curious where the medicine you're taking actually comes from? With over the counter drugs you'll probably never know. When it comes to herbal remedies however, there are comprehensive records of exactly where each herb was first found.

Although many herbs are now cultivated across the world, here we'll only list their place of origin. For example, Garlic is now cultivated on one million hectares of land globally, but it originated in central Asia.

North America

North American herbal remedies

Burdock diuretic, promotes hair regrowth
Cascara Sagrada natural colon cleanser
Cayenne Central American hot spice
Echinacea the immune system builder
Evening Primrose great for coughs
Goldenseal Candida, stomach upsets
Raspberry Leaf make into a delicious tea
Saw Palmetto urinary tract infections
Slippery Elm Bark soothes digestive tract


European herbal remedies

Angelica a versatile Scandinavian herb
Arnica a widely used anti-inflammatory
Burdock diuretic & promotes hair regrowth
Chamomile sleep aid, stomach problems
Comfrey natural healer, good for joints
Dandelion yellow flower with many uses
Fenugreek a Diabetes remedy
Feverfew migraines, arthritis pain
Licorice stomach ulcers and coughs
Peppermint motion sickness, stomach
Spearmint soothes your stomach


Asian herbal remedies

Ashwagandha "Indian ginseng"
Burdock diuretic, promotes hair regrowth
Chinese Ephedra "ma huang" from China
Dandelion yellow flower with many uses
Dong Quai "female ginseng" in China
Fo Ti hair, stomach and skin
Garlic many medicinal and culinary uses
Ginger a multipurpose Asian herb
Ginkgo Biloba for your skin and mind
Ginseng the immune booster
Gotu Kola a healer and anti-inflammatory
Green Tea the Chinese anti-aging tea
Kava Kava reduces stress, calms nerves
Maitake a mushroom common in Asian medicine
Raspberry Leaf make this into a delicious tea
Reishi the Chinese "king of herbs"

South America

South American herbal remedies

Damiana an energy-giver and aphrodisiac
Cayenne Central American hot spice
Evening Primrose great for coughs


African herbal remedies

Aloe Vera soothing herb with many uses
Senna an effective laxative

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