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Herbal remedies for your skin and complexion

Why spend all that money on expensive skincare products, when some of the best remedies are sitting there in your herbal store?

Here is a selection of herbs to help with your skin. Each one comes with a brief description - click on 'More..' for more information about the medical uses, other uses and dosage!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera’s soothing effects extend to countless skin creams, hair conditioners and shampoos that have flooded the market since its properties became known.
More on Aloe Vera and your skin..


One interesting use for Ashwagandha, from Asia skincare experts, is as a facial toner. To make this remedy it is mixed together with rose water and almond oil.
More on Ashwagandha and your skin..


As a herbal remedy, Comfrey has been used for more than 200 years. It is primarily a healer, being used externally for bruises, sprains and arthritis, but has also found applications in bronchial complaints and as an anti-inflammatory.
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Dandelion is a very mild herb that can be used regularly without worry. As an antioxidant and a first class source of Vitamin C, it will attack those pesky free radicals floating around in your bloodstream. This is great news for your skin and it will keep you looking younger for longer.
More on Dandelion and your skin..

Fo Ti

Fo Ti is a remedy that is vitally important to Chinese herbology. In China, it is named ‘He Shou Wu’ (or ‘Black Haired Mr. He’), after a village elder who took it and was miraculously restored to youthful vitality. In Asian medicine it plays an important role in balancing all the systems in your body, with particular focus on the immune system. More on Fo Ti and your skin..

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola can reduce cellulite by improving the function of the lymphatic system and strengthening connective tissues. It is also great to prevent or reduce further varicose veins.
More on Gotu Kola and your skin..

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